iMRS - Intelligent Magnetic Resonance Stimulation


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What is it?

The iMRS (Intelligent Magnetic Resonance Stimulation) is a device that uses the Earth’s pulsed electromagnetic fields or PEMF’s. With over 16 years of research and experience, 10 000 scientific papers, and over 2000 double-blind studies, iMRS has proven to be effective for healing and regeneration.

The body needs frequencies and energies for circadian rhythms, energy production, and to be pain free. These frequencies stem from both the Schumann and Geomagnetic fields, which are the earth’s magnetic fields.

Body-Mind-Earth Connection

Our bodies are intimately connected to the earth’s magnetic field through various frequencies:

  • Earth’s magnetic field (Schumann and geomagnetic frequencies): 0-30Hz
  • Human Brainwaves: 0-30 Hz
  • Tissues and healing response: 0-30Hz
  • Cells: 0-30 Hz
  • Energies emitted by our bodies: 0-30 Hz

As you can see the body is connected to the earth in the 0-30 Hz frequency range.

Just as the body needs earth, water, fire, and air, it also needs PEMF which is why it has been called life’s fifth essential element. PEMF uses this connection to act as a battery charger for the bodies’ cells. The cells in our body can store 10 million volts/meter, but when we get sick our cellular voltage will diminish. Healthy cells range between 70mV to 100mV, while the cellular voltage in a body with a disease or illness can be as low as 20mV or lower.

7 ways PEMF recharges our cells:

  1. Recharges the tans-membrane potential (TMP) which is the voltage across the cell membrane
  2. Increases ATP production which helps the cell store energy
  3. Enhances the sodium potassium pump
  4. Increases cellular pH
  5. Oxygenates cells
  6. Lowers blood viscosity and improves circulation
  7. Promotes healthy levels of electroporation, allowingeffective movement of nutrients and waste through the cells

The human body struggles with 2 problems:

  1. We are not getting enough of the earth’s good frequencies because we are too isolated. We don’t spend enough time outdoors, our shoes have rubber soles, our cars have rubber tires, our beds are insulated, and we spend too much time in steel buildings and walking on concrete ground. All of these factors prevent us from receiving the Earth’s natural frequencies.
  2. We are receiving too many bad frequencies. These come from things such as 60 Hz power lines, household appliances and microwave frequencies, 4G networks and technology, etc.

The iMRS will use PEMF therapy to recharge your bodies’ cells with frequencies like those from the earth’s magnetic fields.


The top benefits of using the iMRS include:

  • Stronger and healthier bones
  • Improve endorphins and eliminate pain and inflammation
  • Better sleep and HGH (Human Growth Hormone) secretion
  • More energy and vitality
  • Better oxygenation and circulation
  • Improve immune system
  • Relax and reduce stress
  • Regenerate nerves and tissues
  • Feel stronger, younger, and more flexible

What can it help with?

Research and experimental evidence show that the iMRS can positively affect:

  • Cancer
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Chronic pain
  • Inflammation
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Migraines
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • And many more!


Below is a letter written by Dr. Michael A. Prytula, ND about the effect this technology has had on his life.

This spring I was notified that I had to write a pharmaceutical exam, not just any exam, one written by pharmacists for Doctors to take so they can prescribe any pharmaceutical. In BC, Naturopathic Doctors have extensive pharmaceutical prescribing capabilities (everything except narcotics and chemotherapeutic drugs) in Ontario we just gained prescription rights yet our government has given us nothing to prescribe. So as you can imagine, its hard to motivate oneself for something you see no benefit in as I have had great success in my practice with 27 yrs of not prescribing pharmaceuticals.

I’m in my early 50s and I haven’t studied for something like this in over 25 yrs. It has a failure rate of approximately 60%, some of my colleagues wrote it 5x before finally passing. So, needless to say I was quite stressed and somewhat distraught. Thankfully just as I was trying to mobilize myself for this life altering stressor, one of our patients came in and asked if we would like to try this technology out (she is a very dedicated patient of ours who has Lyme disease) after she described its impact on her health. So I tried it, and was astounded at my response both physically and mentally. I drove home in a state of quazi zoned out bliss and upon arriving home I went to bed very early, at about 7PM only to wake up the next morning at 7AM quite refreshed (usually because of stress I would wake up at 4 or 5 AM). The next day I bought one, with the intent of it helping myself and the other Docs on staff be relaxed enough to study 25-35 hrs per week for the next 5 wks while carrying a full patient load. I thought this would also be a good test on our patients to see if this product really lives up to the extensive testimonials I have read. As we have tested this product on not only ourselves (myself and another Doc on staff who wrote the pharmaceutical exam both passed, Yahoo!!!!) and on patients (with cancer, Lyme and various other conditions) I can truly say this is life altering technology. I had used all these technologies independent of each other with some success in the past but the buy in from patients was hard to get. With the iMRS the buy in has generally been immediate and consistent. iMRS not only has the research to back it up but from my clinical experience, the results as well. Most equipment over sells and underperforms, the iMRS undersells and over performs. This is exactly how I run my clinic, undersell and over perform.

I now have 2 iMRS 2000 professionals with the Imore and the ISLRS in my office, one iMRS for my home and an omnium for demonstration and travel. My energy has skyrocketed as my health has improved. I just ran into our patient who introduced us to the iMRS at Costco and she has just gone back to teaching, something she thought she would never be able to do.

This technology is definitely life altering. I hope this helps you in your decision.

Dr Michael A Prytula ND