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Weight Loss

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Weight gain and obesity are very common occurrences.

Typically, a patient will present a number of health concerns in addition to excess weight. They may be experiencing stress or depression, or have other physical ailments such as headaches or fatigue. Focusing on increasing the individual’s energy level and sense of well being often enables the weight to take care of itself.

A variety of natural therapies are available including:

  • Acupressure
  • Chinese Medicine
  • Homeopathy
  • Herbal Treatments
  • M.R.T.
  • E.A.T.

The main focus is to teach the patient about the body’s ability to heal itself. This common sense approach has given many chronically obese patients a new lease on life.

In cases of obesity, prior medical interventions can contribute to the problem. Any sort of chemical that you put into the body diminishes its ability to heal itself. If the body can’t perform efficiently, the patient’s metabolism will be affected. As well, diagnostic techniques based purely on modern science often overlook more subtle symptoms of disease, limiting the ability of the physician to treat certain conditions until they become major health issues which could adversely effect the metabolism and thereby increase body weight.

Sub-clinical hypoglycaemia is often a factor in obesity.

The patient may be experiencing moderate to severe symptoms, feeling disoriented or weak just before meals, yet their blood tests will be normal. Small doses of the mineral chromium and minor changes in diet may be all that is required to make the person feel better, and the weight problem will disappear.

In other cases, emotional or relationship issues are masked by overeating. In these cases, we need to look at the person’s total situation and work from there. They may need to deal with stress more effectively, or they may need an energy boost to get them motivated after a long period of depression. Focusing on the person’s overall sense of well being and helping them regain control of their lives makes the person want to do more. They become more active, their physical condition improves and the weight comes off easily.

Naturopathy offers most people a safe and effective means of taking charge of their health and their weight.

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