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NaturoMedic™.com’s Fight for Patient Rights

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(0 votes) fights for your rights to have access to many therapies. Dr. Prytula ND, Dr. Um ND and fought a ten year legal battle with their licensing board for being able to administer IV ozone and IV chelation to’s patients.

Dr. Prytula ND, Dr. Um ND and fought a four year legal battle with the College of Nurses for nurses to administer your IV’s under the direction of a Naturopathic Doctor. Unfortunately we lost this one, so under Ontario law we can hire and train anyone to administer IV’s we just cannot have a nurse. Is this really serving the public interest?

Dr. Prytula ND, Dr. Um ND and are educators of choice for IV therapies (IV Ozone, IV Chelation, IV Basics and Emergency Procedures Courses) endorsed by government agencies and professional associations in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, the state of Arizona and other states that have jurisdictional reciprocity.

During the ten year legal battle Dr. Prytula ND, in fighting for your rights to access IV ozone, IV chelation and other advanced therapies were deemed to be a threat to the Ontario Public in spite of Dr. Prytula’s ND teaching has been approved in almost all licensed Naturopathic jurisdictions in North America except Ontario. and our doctors have been leaders in Naturopathic Medicine through innovation, persistence, determination, education, safety for therapies (treatment options) and integrity. and Dr. Prytula ND were consultants for the worlds largest Health and Wellness Program, developing systems that are currently being used to the benefit of over 5,000 participants. and our doctors are the largest sponsors from the Naturopathic community of students and our Naturopathic Colleges in Canada. and our doctors will always be leaders working hard to serve our patients best interests and to bring you the best treatments possible.

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