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The Truth About Lyme Disease Part 2

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Controversey over Lyme DiseaseAfter years of endless suffering, pain, confusion and despair the search for an answer is beginning to seem bleak. The body aches, lack of energy, feelings of depression have not relented, in fact they are worse. Specialists after specialists have consistently concluded that you are perfectly “normal”, “it is all in your head” and “it is just anxiety”.  By now your internal monitor has begun to question everything, are they right?  Then you are introduced to something called Lyme and you immediately do what everyone does, you Google it.  While reading through the symptom list and you begin to feel a small spark of excitement, you found it. Finally, there is a name to what you have and there are others who are suffering like you; you have Lyme!  Having a diagnosis can be very empowering however little did you know, you are now embarking into the tangled web of Lyme. 

This article is the second installment of the three part series The Truth About Lyme Disease. The first paper focused on the background information on Lyme, ticks, signs and symptoms.  The second paper will centre on the politics surrounding Lymes and diagnostic testing. Finally, the last section will emphasize treatments. Please note that Part 2 does contain diplomatic views on facts, Lyme guidelines and certain medical parties that could be perceived as an expose. The technical nature of the article may contain information you have experienced or maybe the piece you need to show your physician.

Thank you for your interest in our article. You can download Part 1 and Part 2 of the The Truth About Lyme Disease below.

 Part 3 coming soon!

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