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Mesotherapy an Efficient Treatment for Chronic Pain

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Case Report: 57 Year Old Male Suffering From Chronic Pain Enjoys Life Again

Mesotherapy an Efficient Treatment for Chronic PainAbstract


Chronic pain is a debilitating condition that can greatly impair quality of life and interfere with family, social and economic welfare.  A 2010 report by the Chronic Pain Association of Canada stated that “the annual cost of chronic pain, including medical expenses, lost income and lost productivity, but not the social costs, is estimated to exceed $10 billion”.  According to the guidelines set by the World Health Organization, the standard strategy for the treatment of chronic non-malignant pain in adults indicates that oral medicines are among the key components of pain management. Opioids are class of medication that maintains an integral part in oral medicine pain management. This family includes codeine, demorl and oxycontin which all unfortunately have a high potential for abuse and dependence. In this case report, mesotherapy is administered as an alternative and natural approach to treating pain for a 57 year old male who has been suffering relentlessly for over a decade. 

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